Anxiety & Insomnia Relief

Lemon balm is an herb that is part of the mint family. While it can be good for cosmetic and culinary uses, lemon balm is also useful for making an aromatic, savory tea. For many years, lemon balm tea has been used for the variety of useful medicinal properties it has. Among its many uses, it is effective as a sedative, which makes it beneficial to people who suffer from common ailments such as anxiety and insomnia.

How Lemon Balm Tea Helps

Lemon balm tea not only has a relaxing scent and taste to it, but it also has many things in it that make it effective against various anxiety related problems. If you suffer from insomnia, drinking a cup of lemon balm before bed can help relax the muscles of the body and allow for an easier sleep. Lemon balm tea not only soothes the muscles, but it helps relax the nervous system as well. Another way that lemon balm tea works to soothe and calm the body is by reducing the output of hormones from the thyroid.

The stomach can also be relieved and calmed by the effects of lemon balm tea since it helps with digestion as well. The sedative effects of this herb can ease tension from headaches and allow it to work as a mild anti-depressant as well since it can treat many different symptoms in the body. 

Using Lemon Balm Tea as a Sedative

When using lemon balm tea as a calming agent to help with insomnia or anxiety, it is always good to drink at least three cups of it a day. For insomnia, it is best to drink lemon balm about thirty minutes before lying down to sleep. For other problems, drink a cup whenever the need arises, though it is good to remember to always consult with a doctor if you feel that you are suffering from any serious ailments.